Some books on advertising

Three works about advertising’s history

Martin Mayer – Madison Avenue USA (1955)

Stephen Fox – The Mirror Makers (1984)

Vance Packard – The Hidden Persuaders (1957)


Three influential works by great admen of the past

Claude Hopkins – Scientific Advertising (1923)

Rosser Reeves – Reality in Advertising (1961)

David Ogilvy – Ogilvy on Advertising (1983)


Three contemporary  books about advertising theory which are both sound and readable

Byron Sharp – How Brands Grow (2010)

Les Binet and Peter Field – Marketing in the Era of Accountability (2007)

Stephen King –  A Master Class on Brand Planning (2007)


Three books about advertising that aren’t about advertising (and will lead you to others if you’re interested)

Timothy Wilson – Strangers to Ourselves  (2002)

Daniel Kahnemann – Thinking Fast and Slow (2011)

Paul Watzlawick and others – Pragmatics of Human Communication (1967)




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